the Venus Age VA® condom feminine Now with... added powerful Vibe!

Vibe attached to VA proven to add orgasm   says Cosmopolitan...see Summer Time Intro Specials - Click SHOP!


this is the Venus Age

"Actually will want to use..." GLAMOUR Magazine on the VA Vibe

"It's contraception and a sex toy.  Yessss."  Cosmopolitan Magazine

The Venus Age ...has come

The VA women's condom is now here after years of design and development in the USA.  

Simple clean appearance you wear (part inside/part outside)  WITHOUT noticing it's there! 

For both partners!

The soft, white round sponge is inside the latex pouch that loosely lines the vagina, while the sponge holds everything in place. 

The outer rim creates a triangle of latex coverage outside (no skin to skin contact between partners), while snugly fitting, like panties, up against your body.  

A beautiful look and fit!

A women's condom could not have a better design!

Manufactured by one of the largest and most respected condom makers in the world, HLL Lifecare Ltd, for IXu.

See the definitive clinical study published in the prestigious Lancet Medical Journal comparing all female brands, where the VA rates higher than all the others. Click here.


Pouch lines vagina, held in by sponge. Nobody feels it. Wow!

Easier to insert vaginally than putting a male condom on him!

A simple 1-2-3 insertion and you're protected like no other condom.

VA®: proven pleasure and safe!


the BIGGEST news in safe sex

Germany's GSSG Foundation says:

the BIGGEST news in safe sex

There is no better looking OR better fitting condom worn by a woman!

The simple VA condom will change your attitude towards condoms forever.


Quick simple insertion for beautiful-looking outer coverage for virtually no skin-to-skin contact be

Easiest to use of ANY condom

Germany's GSSG Foundation says:

the BIGGEST news in safe sex

Quick simple insertion of latex pouch with inner sponge (holds pouch in place).

Beautiful pink latex outer coverage over the outer genitalia, leaving virtually no skin-to-skin contact between partners.  


Germany's GSSG Foundation says:

Germany's GSSG Foundation says:

Germany's GSSG Foundation says:

“Female condoms need to become more popular in Germany. We welcome the new VA WoW to play a major role for women’s sexual health and their sovereignty,”

Harriet Langanke, Germany’s Charitable Foundation Sexuality and Health (GSSG), Cologne, Germany

VA & sextoy combo - VA Vibe Kit


VA Vibe Kit!

What happens when you put a powerful vibe on the VA's outer-rim, right in the right spot?

We think you know...

And a user study proved it... (like we needed one to make sure!)


Great Media Anticipation

The media reacts to our  VA condoms  with  a vibe located at the most stimulating spot.    Yes, right there. Click VIDEO in menu!

Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Independent, etc. share their excitement, see links above!

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